Qexactive – Thermo

Location : 2nd floor  East, room 2N24

It is an orbitrap-type mass spectrometer that was acquired in 2018. It has a resolving power of 140,000 FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum). The range of masses that can be analyzed with this type of device extends from 50 to 6000 m/z. The precision of the mass measurement is less than 1 ppm in internal calibration and less than 3 ppm in external calibration. This instrument is equipped with an ESI (Electrospray) ionization source. This instrument is used in conjunction with Vanquish liquid chromatography.

This instrument is used :

  • for mass measurements in high resolution (determination of molecular formulas) on pure or mixed products (LC / MS coupling in high resolution).
  • For specific studies relating to the MS/MS mode.

Mass spectrometry