Cesamo Tech


To respond effectively to industrialists requests, CESAMO has a technology transfer center : Cesamo-Tech. The objective is to be a technical support in molecular determination, identification and assay of chemical compounds for industrial sector. Cesamo-Tech disposes of equipment and dedicated staff to ensure effective and fast support.

Analytical resources

Cesamo-Tech is constituted by complementarity analytical tools :

  • 5 Mass spectrometers
    • Many different sources and analysers
    • Low and High resolution mass measurements
  • 4 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers
    • Multi-core probe
    • Liquids, solids, and gels analysis
  • Chromatography (liquid phase, gas phase, SEC)
    • HPLC
    • Development of experimental conditions LC-MS
  • 1 X-ray diffractometer (Mo and Cu sources) for single-cristal
  • 1 Polarimeter equipped of two lamps (sodium 589 nm and mercury 546 nm)

Cesamo-Tech also provides trainings on chemical analysis technics from beginner to expert.

Line of business

    • REACH regulation
    • Polymers – Materials sciences – Aviation industry
    • Output
    • Cosmetic industry – Health sector – Pharmaceutical sector
    • Food industry
    • Environment – Sustainable development
    • Œnology – Wine-growing sector

Examples of fields of application

Cosmetic industry – Health sector – Pharmaceutical sector

  • Chemical composition analysis of mixtures.
  • Identification of impurities.
  • Validation of method for molecule chemical synthesis.



Polymers – Materials sciences – Aviation industry

  • Composition and structural study of a material.
  • Study of a material degradation as a function of time, temperature…


Food industry : Determination of a different elements mixture.

Output :

  • Product quality testing.
  • Purity assessment of compound.
  • Analysis of traces (ppm range) in samples.

REACH regulation: Analysis and chemical characterization of a multi-compounds mixture as a part of REACH regulation.

Contact us

Christelle ABSALON

Responsible for mass spectrometry analysis

Phone :

Email : christelle.absalon@u-bordeaux.fr


 Cybille ROSSY

Responsible for NMR analysis

Phone :

Email : cybille.rossy@u-bordeaux.fr