Autoflex Bruker

Location : 2nd floor  East, room 2N24

The Autoflex Mass Spectrometer is a MALDI-type mass spectrometer equipped with a ToF analyzer, acquired in 2019. Its resolving power is 26,000. The range of masses that can be studied extends from 200 to 350,000 m/z. The laser used is of the Smartbeam type. This device is also equipped with a FAST system particularly suitable for the study of peptides, for example :

  • This instrument can be used for the analysis of molecules of high masses: polymers and proteins.
  • In the case of the study of polymers, it allows the determination of chain ends (for masses less than 20,000), confirmation of the monomer unit, calculation of the molar mass and of the polymolecularity

Mass spectrometry