Accutof – JEOL

Location : 2nd floor  East, room 2N24

The AccuToF Mass Spectrometer (Jeol) is a GC-TOF type mass spectrometer acquired in 2011. Its resolving power is greater than 6000 at 617 Da mass. The range of analyzable masses is between 0 and 4000 m/z. The measurement accuracy is less than 5 ppm in external calibration. The different possible sources are: EI (Electronic Ionization), CI (Chemical Ionization) and FI / FD (Ionization / Field Desorption). It can work in coupling with a gas chromatograph or in direct introduction mode.

This instrument is used :

  • For high-resolution mass measurements (determination of molecular formulas) on pure or mixed products (high-resolution GC / MS coupling).
  • For the analysis of non-polar compounds in high resolution

Mass spectrometry