GCMS-ISQ – Thermo

Location : 2nd floor  East, room 2S24

The CESAMO platform is equipped with two GC/MS ISQ (ThermoFisher) mass spectrometer coupled to a gas chromatography apparatus. They are equipped with a quadrupole analyzer. There are several possibilities for introducing the sample : either by standard gas chromatography, or in “headspace” mode which enables volatile compounds to be analyzed, or in pyrolysis mode which enables the study of macromolecular compounds.  The range of analyzable masses extends from 1 to 1000 m/z. The different sources of ionization are EI (Electronic Ionization), PCI (Positive Chemical Ionization) and NCI (Negative Chemical Ionization).

 This instrument is used :

  • For the qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures or pure non-thermolabile products with masses less than 1000.
  • For the characterization of polymers by pyrolysis.

Mass spectrometry